Housing Loan Information

First Loan Second Loan Third Loan
Loan Tenure Up to 30 years 31-35 years Up to 30 years 31-35 years Up to 30 years 31-35 years
Age Age used to calculate loan tenure, will be based on income-weighted
Up to 65 Up to 70-75 Up to 70-75 Up to 65 Up to 70-75 Up to 70-75 Up to 65 Up to 70-75 Up to 70-75
Maximum LTV Limit 75% 55% 55% 45% 25% 25% 35% 15% 15%
20% (non-individuals)
Minimum Cash Downpayment 5% 10% 10% 25% 25% 25% 25% 25% 25%
Gaurantors / Co-borrowers All Co-borrowers must be mortgagors.
Guarantors must be co-borrowers if the latter did not pass the TDSR criteria
Mortgage Servicing Ratio N/A
Total Debt Servicing Ratio 55%
Stress Test Interest Rate 4%

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    Thank you for considering Arina East Residences as your future home, you will soon be able to explore and download the condo’s floor plan and e-brochure. The gallery is also available for your consideration on the latest perspectives of the development. Please also see the latest video of the fly-through as well as more info on the project. We will also update the balance unit chart as soon as it is available to provide the latest unit available. Please see more info on developer details and track record as well.

    The latest site plan and floor plan is available together with the elevation chart and pricing details. There are many different layout types for your consideration. Please see the location of the project as well as the showflat location. Kindly register before coming to the showflat to ensure that there is an appointed sales person at the showflat for the viewing.

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